Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A real RUN.

Today was a great run. I can say that. It was a RUN. I am still on Week 1. But I felt that on my 3 2minute running increments, I was really running- not jogging (at least not compared to what I've done before)
It was a very surreal run. I didn't head out until about 5 minutes till sundown. (I am smart- my route is very low traffic) As I was running through the park, a light fog rolled in. I had the park mostly to myself, there were a few couples wandering through. But the one part I had the road to myself, the big trees all around me and the fog rolling in. If it weren't for the pavement under my feet I would have thought I was running through Sherwood Forest. Kinda like this (this is a pic I found on the web- not one of mine)
I had a lot of energy tonight and it felt so good. Maybe it's because I went out last night and met a kid (no idea if I'll ever see him again- but that's not the point) I'm socializing, getting out there. I feel re-energized.
So now that I feel incredibly icky (sweaty) I'm gonna go take a shower and cuddle up with a movie. I should be around more often now. :)

Today's run:

Note about distances: I guess progress has been made. Last time I ran this "song list" I only went 2.98k today was 3.03k yeah, yeah it's not a lot, but it's something.

Oh yeah, about my route (not sure if I mentioned this before) It starts off going down a pretty steep hill, which of course means I end coming back UP that hill. I think it's between 1/8 and 1/4 mile hill.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting back out there.

Another week spent at the golf course. I'm finding myself a bit overwhelmed by my new addiction to golf (it truly has become an addiction- I can't get enough) and my classes. Although my last class is done at the end of this week. Which means lots of time spent on the computer this week.
I went running this morning. I'm still working on my "week 1" but I did pretty well. The running part is getting easier. I'd like to think my miles and miles of walking the golf course helps a little too!
Here's today's run:

The program has me walk for 10 minutes, run 2, walk 2, run 2, walk 2, run 2, walk 10. Can you see that in my graphic? ;)

Well we are having a retirement party for my Dad today, so I better get back to helping set up.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've been a bit busy this week. I've played 102 holes of golf. I did ride a lot, however it has been in the 90s all week and very humid - great weather for golfing, but man can that sun take it out of ya! I didn't have any earth-shattering rounds, but I played well. Shooting low to mid 40s on all the individual rounds and today my scramble came in 8 under par. (A scramble, for any non-golfers out there, is when everyone hits a ball and you all play the best ball, then pick the best again, etc) It was tough today to beat the team that had a hole in one! (although I did win 2 closest to the pin contests among my team.)

That being said, I'm very far behind on my classes - although I think my internet is FiXED for real this time, now. I need to get back to a schedule. I haven't run at all since Sunday. But I spent Monday on the golf course from 8 am until 9 pm, Wednesday I was there 2:30 pm until 9pm, Thursday 9am until 9 pm, Friday 8 am until 10 pm, and today 8am until 4pm. So I haven't really had a whole lot of time. (I spent Tuesday catching up on some school work- check out my new webpage -in progress)

Anyway, next week I think I may golf a little less, and work on WORKING OUT more.

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Official!

I'm crazy. I'm nuts. I didn't do anything I should have. I was unprepared, untrained, and most definitely not ready... but I did it anyway. What you ask? Well my first 5K! How did that happen? Well last night I was looking up the golf even that I'm in tomorrow (a Cancer Society benefit) and I saw that there was a 5K being run this morning, about 20 minutes from where I live. I had figured that I was going to go run for 30 minutes (week 1) anyway, so why not go do it there? OK yeah, I know it was a bit much. Do I regret it? NOT A CHANCE!
I got a number. 474.
I've always wanted one of those. It made me feel like a real runner.
I didn't know anybody there, but quickly befriended 4 girls (women). Two were training for marathons, another is back after having kids, and the fourth - this was her first 5k too. (although she's been running a lot more than me).They warned me about not starting out too quick.Although my plan was to follow my week 1 routine and then just do whatever I could to finish the last mile.
Well my bra helped out with that. Have I mentioned my sports bras issues lately? I had found a good one, but it has these STUPID velcro straps. The left side keeps coming undone. It's very annoying. In fact I was finally so upset, that I ordered an ENELL bra last week - now if it would only get here! But anyway, I was not 50 yards into the race, feeling great, cruising with the others, when BAM, not only did the velcro come undone, but it completely came out of the front of the bra. So I was trying to keep at least a decent walking pace as I tried to feed the bra strap back through the bra. I even took off one of my safety pins to try to get it to hold, but it was too small. But I must say, as annoying as it was, it did keep me from going out to fast. I did make up some ground to keep a few of my new friends in view as I went. I kept at my own pace. I ran during the times I was supposed to, and more when I could. I figure I ran a minimum of 10 minutes, but realistically more like 15. Here is my run according to my iPod.

I did have one problem towards the end of the race. I ran the last loop backwards!! oops. It didn't matter though, I mean it was a LOOP. (and no one was really near me. (and I wasn't in medal contention :) ) ME FINISHING... RUNNING!Here are some more pics of me from the race (my new friends took some of me afterward, and the people in charge of the race took some, too.My official time was 46:09 And I'm ok with that. Now I know what I can do in a real situation, and I can work on it!! (especialy knowing the next one ought to be better without the wardrobe malfunction!!) I actually finished 6th in my age division (out of 8, but still) and I finished 94th out of 108 altogether. Not bad for my first venture :)

The weather was overcast, muggy and 80 degrees. I did get a little wet toward the end of the race (a few sprinkles) I was also proud of myself for pushing and running most of the last loop. Definitely making sure I ran through the finish line.

This last picture was of everyone standing around waiting for the race to begin.

My internet is still on the fritz so even though I'm posting this now, I actually wrote it last night.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Starting Over

First things first. I've been without internet for the past 2 days.. AHHH. But it appears to be at least pseudo-fixed. YAY.
Thursday I golfed 9 holes, then played a 9-hole scramble. Our scramble won! YAY. We finished 3 under.
Yesterday I spent the morning at the golf course then went out and golfed. I did well. I shot a 42, with several GREAT par saves and a birdie. It was a fun night.
I've been listening to some great podcasts( - if you are a golfer you should really check them out.

-- so I lost connection mid message-- BLAH! (But I kept writing, in case it came back on)

I'm learning a lot and finding out about a bunch of books I'd love to read.
I also bought a few books about running - Sole Sisters (I've read 3 stories so far- Wendy was right. This is definitely a must read for EVERY runner! I also bought a Women's Running books that has a lot about training and equipment and mentality and racing, just kind of an all in one book. So it is after reading through some of this that I am going to start over in my running training. (especially considering everything I've done has been my own creation- and I don't know anything - lol.) So I'm going to use the beginning guide in the book. Instead of trying to go a full 5k everytime, I'm going to work on building up to running for 30 minutes straight. Now I have to see if my ipod will help me with this. I don't wear a watch, so I may have to change my "running increments" into number of songs rather than minutes. The suggested running plan is as follows:
Each workout should add up to 30 minutes and should be done 3-5 days a week.
Week 1: Walk 10min, Run/walk 10min (running segments 2 min), Walk 10 min
Week 2: Walk 8mins, Run/walk 14min (run 4 min segs.), Walk 8 min
Week 3: Walk 5mins, Run/Walk 20min (run 6 min segs), Walk 5min
Week 4: Walk few mins, Run 7 min, recover, Run 7 min, Walk to end. (build 7 mins to 10 mins by end of week)
Week 5: Walk 3 mins, run 12 mins, Walk 3, Run 12 - build run to 15.
Week 6: Walk 5 run, run 20, walk 5- increasing run to 30 over week.

Well in terms of songs, I will make a playlist that is very close to these times. I think I like being motivated by song changes rather than watching a clock. In fact, right now I'm going to go over (to the other computer) and make the playlists. I'll post them when I've finished making them.
6 weeks from today will be August 23, which will give me one more week before the 10k. My plan will be to run 5k (or at least 30 minutes) and walk the rest.

Well - since I had no internet most of the day, I went out and tried my new playlists. I like it. It was hard (it was well into the 90s today) but I think I'll be more successful trying this training than on my own.

(The dip was where I had to jog in place before crossing the street.)

Depending on my internet.. I'll be checking back in soon :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 1

This is what a DAY 1 workout involves. (this workout is intended to help female golfers)

Warm Up
Generally this is at least 5 minutes of cardio

  • 07/08/08 - 1 mile run/walk at the track
Arms and Shoulders
Hammer Curl to Overhead
3 sets of 8 reps each arm
  • 07/08/08 -10lbs

Dumbell Shoulder Rotation
3 sets of 8 reps each arm
  • 07/08/08 -5lbs

Twisting Bicep Curl
3 sets of 8 reps each arm
  • 07/08/08 -10lbs

Dumbell Shoulder Rotation with Cable
3 sets of 8 reps
  • 07/08/08 -20lbs

One-Arm Cable Pull
3 sets of 8 reps each arm
  • 07/08/08 -20lbs

One-Arm Cable Push
3 sets of 8 reps each arm
  • 07/08/08 - 20lbs
Cool Down
Interval Training for 10 minutes.
  • 07/08/08 - Recumbent bike, easy 1 min, fast burst 20 secs. repeat for 10 mins.

Workout From Golf For Women.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Unexpected Surprise

Yes I know that's a bit redundant. But it's worthwhile. First off though, I had a great day at the golf course. I shot a 39, had 2 birdies, a par, won 2 skins, and tied for low gross score. Yeah it was a good day. Food was great - for the most part.
Breakfast- tea and a breakfast bar
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Turkey and non-fat cheese on wheat bun, light yogurt.
Early Dinner: Hot dog at the course (ok- not so good, but I was hungry)
Snack: My Monday night treat- small cookie dough blizzard from DQ
Late Dinner: Large Italian Lettuce Salad (light croutons and low fat cheese) with light balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
oh yeah- and I had a gatorade in there too - I've become a big fan.

Since I got done at the golf course, I've been siting on the couch, munching on my salad, perusing people's blogs. I updated my exercise log to include today's information and THAT'S WHEN IT HIT. What you might ask? Well, a few posts ago I mentioned that I was trying to stay busy because an "anniversary" type date was approaching and my all too good memory would probably cause the day to be bad- again. I am in total shock. I kid you not. Here it is well over 12 hours of awakeness on this day and NOT ONCE did that terrible thought cross my mind. And in fact now that it has- nothing. Not even a flip flop or a hint of queasiness. I'm TOTALLY OKAY. It's a very empowering feeling, to know that this day will not haunt me forever, as I feared. I'm ok. I'll be ok. In fact... I'm MORE than ok- I'm great. I had a totally awesome day. Wow.

I guess now I just have to get back down to business on my running and working out. I've gotten the food back on track. I've decided to "treat" myself to DQ on Mondays (since small blizzards are only $2). I know the key to my fitness success is to get OFF MY BUTT and SWEAT a little (or a lot.)

It is definitely a new day for me!!! Woohoo!!:)

Walking With Dad

So I was sitting on the couch working on my school stuff (I'm taking classes this summer) when my Dad gave me a message to relay if my cousin called. I asked where he was going and long story short- he was going for a walk! I asked if I could tag along.
We walked at his pace. His back has been bothering him, but I'm ecstatic that he wants to exercise. Every little bit helps. So I grabbed my iPod - no I didn't listen to the music, but I recorded how far/fast we went. The big dip is where we came across a downed cable and talked to the policeman for a little bit, helping him set up the caution tape. We went for a total of 2 blocks around our house.

The picture above is of Dad and I at his retirement reception at work on June 26, 2008. Here's another one of my favorite ones of me and Dad. It's from April 2007.

But this has to be my ALL TIME favorite one! (yes, I know it's blurry- but i Love it!)

So as I was uploading and getting the code to add the visual of our run, I came across a really cool thing that's happening on August 31, 2008. It's the Nike+ Human Race. It's a 10k that's being held in 25 cities worldwide PLUS you can participate at home by using your Nike+ and uploading the data. I know it is WAY too soon for me to actually run a 10k right? But I figure I'd try the training program and since I'm just doing it at home, if I have to walk 5k of it- then fine. It just seems like such a neat thing to be a part of. You can also order a t-shirt that has a unique runner's number on it. OK I'm frustrated, I've been trying to load the Nike store and it's not working. But the shirts look really cool- trust me!
Am I crazy? As of right now I'm planning on just heading down to the park and going the 10k, but I might see if there is an actual race in this area. What do you think?

New Friends Paying Off

LOL So I already got a helpful tip- actually it's the same tip I got on Friday - so I guess 2 people telling me means I ought to do it.
I found a running club in my area! I really didn't think there were any. For those of you that are part of them what do you think? Is this a good one? It's the Youngstown Road Runners Club.
I worry because I still walk more than I run when I go out.

ok I'm going to bed. THANKS!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I have VIRTUAL friends

First off.. mad props to Michelle for advertising me on her blog and getting me new friends!! It's nice knowing people are reading my blogs. I found that when I was most successful was when I blogged/journaled on a regular basis and I knew that people were reading it. Maybe I'm just selfish or something- but I seem to be MORE inspired when I know I'm helping others to be inspired.

On a little sadder note, I hate the fact that currently 99% of my friends are virtual. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to insult anyone- it's just that most of the people I talk to are hundreds if not thousands miles away. And while I treasure each and every one of them- I desperately need some REAL friends-- that I can go hang out with and play golf with, and meet cute boys with.
Anyone have any ideas how to MAKE friends? I was never good at.

Well I have some more technology work to do before bed.

Umm food and exercise.. I'll tell ya about it tomorrow! (it's not bad)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Toy

So the reunion went really well. I have pictures posted if you're interested.
I also went out to watch some fireworks and took about 200 pictures - I'm still sorting through them looking for the good ones. I'll post some when I'm done.
I did ok food wise yesterday - save the absolutely way too delicious chocolate chip cookies my cousin brought. (I had 3 - and 2 oreos)

Today I spent most of the day getting those pictures (above) done. Then I went to Golf Headquarters and got some new tees, some head covers and a new toy.
After setting up my new GPS range finder, I went out to the golf course to try it out. I still like my clubs. :) Although today I couldn't quite hit my driver. I shot a 44 though- on a pretty tough course, Mill Creek North. It was nice being able to see exactly how far I hit each club and how far various hazards are from where I was.

And in a WAY EXCITING side note - my best friend (virtual sister) FINALLY had her 3rd son. She's been on bed rest for over a month! He's a real cutie! So now I'm an "Aunt" 3 times! YAY!!

Lincoln Reese - born 7/4/08

Friday, July 4, 2008

Olypically Inspired

My Dad and I were watching the Track and Field Olympic Trials last night. A friend of mine, Adriane Blewitt, is competing in it (shot put). But anyway it re-inspired me to get out there and run. That and the fact that I watched "A Lot Like Love" last night and I realized I'm ready to fall in love - I just need to get my body where I want it to be.
So this morning I woke up and went running. It was a beautiful morning- cool, crisp, damp. There were a lot of other people down in the park running, walking, biking, and walking their dogs. I realized that my cardio has lapsed terribly. My legs are shaky, but I think golfing has helped keep them toned. I'm definitely getting back to the gym.
I hope you all have a great 4th of July. I have to get ready for our Family Reunion.
Here's my run:

Thursday, July 3, 2008


So, I'm guessing that most of you that read this don't know the history of my life or at least not the last year.

My boyfriend of 3 years and I broke up last summer. (we're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of that day - I'm trying not to think about that, but my brain is kinda screwy that way. I remember dates WAY too well.) Anyway, Luke (my ex) made the right decision. We may have had a great romance in the beginning, but in reality we were much better friends. I know it took me a long time to be honest enough with myself to admit that we weren't really as happy as we pretended to be. He finally had the guts to speak up about it. I know things were complicated by having a third party involved. And before anyone dogs on him because of this- I truly believe to my core- that he would NEVER do anything to intentionally hurt me. I believe he was kinda blindsided by his feelings for this other woman and was truly confused as to what he SHOULD do. He maybe didn't make all the BEST choices, but he tried his best. He went out of his way to keep my esteem up, and he acted as the best friend I could ask for.

In October he moved to Wisconsin. We talked on the phone and tried to keep in touch. It's been pretty touch and go. I do really wish we could be friends. But, well, I'm starting to get the feeling that he doesn't want to. That hurts all over again. Maybe that's what's bothering me today.

About today-
I have a photography company (Luke was in it with me). When he moved to Wisc I let him take one of the company cameras because I thought he would actually still be part of the company. That didn't quite happen. I'm starting to get more bookings and was feeling uneasy about not having my backup camera. I had to ask for it back (along with some money I was still owed from our "parting ways").

I received that package today. And it made me sad. Really sad. And I've spent the day trying to figure out why. I think I was most bothered by the fact that in the box was the camera, lens, and check. No note, nothing personal. That's what makes me think he doesn't want to be friends anymore. We haven't talked since the end of April and our text/emails have been strictly business-like. It makes me sad.

We have one more piece of business still connecting us. I'm torn. Part of me thinks I'm ok, and completely ready to cut all ties. Then there's the other part that wants to still try to be friends.
I know he made the right choice, and lately I've kinda been thinking about how there are things about him that well.. aren't what I'm looking for. I'm very OVER him. I still care about him, don't get me wrong, but I'm definitely NOT still in love with him or anything like that! So why would this stupid package bother me?

I don't know. I've been in a mood all day. I snapped a little at my parents, I'm hoping they both kinda understood since they both knew I got something from Luke today.

In general I'm doing good. I mean my fitness level has been less than desirable, but I've been eating much better. I'm golfing several times a week. I'm actually kind of excited about my new position at school. I'm getting back in touch with my best friend - the girl I've been friends with since 1st grade! I'm getting along with my parents (surprisingly well). I'm learning lots of new computer stuff.

Well thanks for listening to me unload. I needed it. I think I might cry a little tonight. It'll be the first time since January. (in regards to Luke) Am I crazy? Why did I have this reaction? Any thoughts?

New Clubs

I got my new clubs and absolutely love them. I played 18 holes yesterday and can't wait to play more. I would have written more about them in my true excitement, but I was stupid and didn't eat correctly (in a timely fashion) and came home right on the brink of a migraine.
And today my mood is... surprising and not good (see next post).

Golf Results


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