Sunday, August 31, 2008


Whew! I did it. My plan was to walk for a song then run for a song. I pretty much held to that. I couldn't run up the hill, heading to halfway(home), so I missed a song there and during the second 5k sometimes I couldn't run for the whole song, but I did as much as I could, and I ran to the finish. I'm happy and then I saw my time! Woohoo! Right about where I had hoped it would be. I stopped for a drink 4 times, 3 water and my gatorade, but those stops were less than 20 seconds each (I don't know exact times- probably even less).
What I thought was really cool is that there was another girl running the same thing down in the park. We passed by each other several times and her dad (assumingly, he was running with her) offered me some words of encouragement too. It was such an energy boost to see someone else running the same race.
A few things a little on the negative side:
This shirt is totally not comfortable, perhaps if I had bought the right size I would have liked it better. But I wore it- proudly.
If I never run another 10k, I'd be ok with that. It's a long race (of course I made it even longer by walking a lot) but still I think 5k is definitely my race. Of course if they offer this race again, I'll probably do it, but I don't think I'd do any other 10k.
My race:

As of 11:00 this morning (my time) I'm ranked 8398th. I'll take it :)

Here I go

Well In about 20 minutes I will be heading out on my 10k run. I'm excited. I'm also excited because I got a new computer yesterday and I think it's just awesome. (It's a Mac). I'll tell you all about it (well maybe not- I realized it's very hard for non-techies to understand my excitement- or that I have a hard time explaining why it's soo cool. ) Let's just say I really like it. In fact before I head out I'll take a picture WITH MY COMPUTER and upload it. Yep, the computer has a BUILT IN camera!

Here it is!

My plan for the 10k, since I get to make my own route, is to essentially run 2 5ks. The route I picked is very close to my normal route- which I figured was a good idea- and I plan to pass a water fountain twice in the first half, halfway being at my house where I can grab a Gatorade, then I'll pass that same water fountain twice in the second half. I'm also heading out while it is still cool - in the 60s. It's going to 85 here today. So with that.. I best be going to get dressed.!! YIPPEE.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've been running... I swear

Sorta. I can't believe summer is over! These past two weeks have been crazy. Boring- but crazy, if that's possible. I spent most of last week at school. We had summer school in the morning, then I stayed late to set up computers.
I have been running- every now and then.
This one is from August 17

This one is from August 23

And this one is from tonight:

Today was rainy and humid, but I really wanted to run. That 10k is on Sunday. Am I ready? No! Am I going to do it anyway? Hell, yeah!
On Sunday night - in my sleep- I managed to scratch a mosquito bite and in the process tore off quite a bit of skin on my foot. So I was out of commission most of this week. Today I decided to try running- it was fine. I went for 5k instead of my usual just 30 minutes. I'm trying to plan out how to do my 10k and figured I better go a little further to get ready :)

School has been different. There are kids there, but I haven't really been able to interact with them too much - that makes me sad. I miss my classroom. I've had some issues of when I get home I have nothing to do and I'm bored. So I decided while I was running tonight, that I'll come home and dedicate myself to working out. I have no excuses- it will keep me occupied, plus I've heard it has great side effects lol.

In other news,
the golf guy and I are... well I don't know. Lately just hanging out on the golf course and on the weekends. I don't mind. I'll take what time I can get, he's been exhausted from his new job. We'll see how things go tomorrow - it's our last day of golf. :(

Well I'll talk to you all soon. (sooner than recently) I promise!!!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm in love. . . . with a Band!


Wow. What a day. I'm totally exhausted and ready to fall asleep, but I really need to write this while it's all fresh.

This morning I had a golf outing, my cousin nearly got a hole in one on a par 4! Quite Awesome. Anyway I was playing golf with Lynne, the woman I mentioned in the previous post. We were discussing "the new guy" and what's been going on. I was asked what he looked like, and felt kinda silly because I couldn't describe him. I could probably draw a picture of him but I can't verbally tell you anything. (I can see him in my head though!) My brain sometimes can't connect from one side to the other I think. lol. Anyway the early afternoon went by without too much.

We sold a lot at the garage sale the last few days and I helped my parents move some furniture. I then headed to Akron (about an hour away) to see a concert. Unfortunately no one knows who this band is and so no one wanted to go with me (a few who probably would were out of town) But I was determined, I REALLY wanted to see this concert. Oh yeah, they are called Great Big Sea. So I got there, got myself a chair, a slushy, and then spotted the merchandise table. YAY. I bought 2 shirts and a signed picture. While I was in line I started talking to another girl in line. She has seen them in concert and was telling me about how awesome it was etc.

The opening act was Jeremy Fisher - who was surprisingly entertaining. I saw that my "new friend" had her chair way up front and there appeared to be room near her, so I asked if I could sit up with her and her friend- she said sure. They were a lot of fun, and it was nice to have some people to enjoy the concert with.

Photos of Jeremy Fisher. (will be inserted on Sunday)

I have a slight confession to make. While I love the music of GBS, I had no idea what they looked like or who they actually were- I didn't know their names or anything! That's one of the reasons I bought the picture. I noticed that in the picture they all had long hair. Cool enough.

So I was kinda surprised when the band came out and only the lead singer had long hair. But I also received the COOLEST surprise ever. The "all purpose musician, Bob" (he plays the whistle, mandolin, guitar, accordian, shakers and I don't even know what else!) looked JUST LIKE the guy I'm interested in. I mean they could be twins!! Talk about a great treat- I pretty much stared at him all night long :) He even had the same mannerisms and smile! WOW. So anyway I will post my pictures from the concert tomorrow- I'm way too tired right now. But here are few pics of GBS from their websites. The one with all three of them resembles my interest best, but the resemblence is still very strong in the other one, too. Of course seeing the mannerisms, a slightly different goatie, and being a little further away - made the look alikeness much stronger at the concert. But still- you get the idea! (These pictures are of Bob from Great Big Sea and The 3 leads of Great Big Sea)

I am most likely going to see GBS again in September and Bridgette (the girl I met at the concert) invited me to hang out with her at that concert, too!

Well as I said, I'm exhausted. And so happy!!! =) YAY.

Friday, August 15, 2008

True Contentment

Happy: characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy.
Content: satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.

At this current juncture I feel both of these. It's strange. I'm not sure I've truly felt these before and if I have it was LONG LONG time ago. And yes, a guy has to do with SOME of it. A lot of it though comes from the fact that I'm looking forward to the school year. I like my new principal, I feel like I will be supported (and defended when necessary) - something that was greatly missing in my past boss. I have been much more outgoing lately, people at the golf course seem to be taking notice of me. I have little kids that are my fans. - Today the kids' of the golf course owner learned my name and everytime they saw me they shouted "Megan!" (they are 4 and 2) - cute!

I also have a Grandma replacement. The mother of the golf course owner has been great to me. She is not old enough to be MY Grandma, but she reminds me of my Grandma when I (and she) was younger. She's been so excited for me as I tell her of my newest interest and she cheers whole-heartedly for me. She knows the right things to say and knows when it's best just to listen.

Things are just GREAT. I can't put it in words, really. I find myself with just a huge smile on my face whenever I think about my new golf friends, my "new" job, my new boss, the possibilities of this school year, the fact that my weight is finally starting to drop again, and of course- the new guy ;).

A few more details...
We went out Tuesday with my friends and had a great time. Last night we were supposed to watch a movie, but got too engrossed in the Olympics - but I'm ok with that. Especially since he promised we'd rent it again =) He's out of town for the weekend, but promised to call when he gets back. I learned that he is 37, 7 years older than me and I don't care. We have too much in common and we have fun together. I've also realized I don't care about the smoking. I mean obviously I'd rather he didn't - for health, etc- but overall it doesn't bother me. Right now we are just hanging out, and I'm totally ok with that.

It's all good. =)

Speaks for itself....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Still Happy

OK, I don't care about the age thing at all anymore. We have so much in common, it's soo cool :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beautiful Saturday

Today's Run:

It really looks like it should.. you can see my 2 4min runs and the 2 min in the middle :)
Perhaps you would like to see my mishmash of varied musical tastes.. here's today's playlist:

  1. Jump -Van Halen
  2. Learning to Fly - Tom Petty
  3. Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry
  4. One Tin Soldier- Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
  5. Maybe Baby- Buddy Holly
  6. Fun, Fun, Fun - Beach Boys
  7. Picture Perfect- Michael W. Smith
  8. You Get What You Give - New Radicals
  9. See You Again- Miley Cyrus

Oh.. you wanted to know why I was so happy? Well.. I'll get to that... lol. OK, well if you remember about a week ago I mentioned that there were a few guys that I was interested in.

Well.. in a nutshell, I think one might be interested back.

Here's the story -
It all started last Tuesday I went to the "In Between Lounge" again - in hopes of seeing the cute kid from the week before. Instead I met a completely drunk guy from Dayton. He was nice, kinda cute, but well.. drunk. I was kinda glad when my friend Andy finally arrived. I was talking to him (Andy) about a few of the guys I was interested in (Andy is not one of them), so we were discussing this guy from my golf league. Andy told me that if I invited him (golf) to the bar next week, Andy would do Karaoke. Hee hee. Andy gave me some pointers on what I could say, etc.

So as golfing arrived on Friday I was a ball of nerves. I got to golf with this guy again and go figure, I was too nervous - I've golfed with him virtually EVERY week with no problem - now today I'm nervous?? Anyway, he was having a bad golfing day too. And of course the whole time I'm golfing I'm trying to figure out how to invite him to the bar. Finally on the 7th hole I got an idea. I bet him drinks that I could beat him on the last two holes. HE AGREED! So this means, even if I play horribly, I'll still get him to the bar =)

We tied the first hole, then I fell apart- kinda. I had two HORRIBLE shots. He beat me by 1. (I won overall though, 47 to 49) So I was pretty happy. Our league has a little cookout after we play and we all sit around and talk. I try to be social with everyone, but this guy and Joe (yes, I'm purposely not using his name) seem to captivate my attention most. They tell the best stories and I love just sitting and listening. Last night was no different - they were sharing stories of their juvenile mischief making. (some happening just a few years ago!)

So as we were leaving, we started discussing plans for Tuesday. So I gave him my phone number. :) Then he asked if I watch movies, and if I was doing anything THIS WEEKEND. (of course I'm not!) So he said he'd call. When he got home last night. We kept talking in the parking lot. About movies, music, cell phones, etc. (soon we were the only ones left) And sure enough he called last night. We talked for over an hour- about all kinds of stuff. We have even more in common than I thought. He's supposed to call me this evening and perhaps we will watch a movie or something tonight.

So there you have it. That's why I have such a huge smile (but I'm going to make it a little smaller now- only because it takes up so much room) my actual smile has not faded by a long shot.

I do have a few small hiccups/concerns that I'm trying to deal with- the biggest of which is he smokes. I don't know if it's just a golf thing, or all the time. Like I said I'm trying to figure out this stuff, like does that out-weigh all the things we have in common, etc. The other much more minor issue, I think, is I think he's at least 5 years older than me. But that's ok right?

MY biggest issue is to just RELAX, enjoy whatever this is, not rush things, not push things, JUST ENJOY.

But I can't stop smiling. It feels good. =)

I'm Happy

Details to come...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Feeling the burn

The weather was a bit warmer than I expected..of course being sucked in by Walker Texas Ranger and wasting about 45 minutes, could have affected my weather expectations. When I checked the weather before heading out it said it was 67, which would be great, however after watching Walker, apparently the temperature rose about 11 degrees! I check the weather after coming in and it's 78. I don't usually run when it's about 75, I like the cooler weather. So anyway, it was hot- but a beautiful day. My first running segment is always roughest. I feel so out of sorts, not comfortable. My 2 minutes segment was great, after running these 4 min segments, the 2 minute is a breeze. I think I'm also more in a groove. The last 4 minute is tough, but today I could feel my calves a lot and while I was breathing hard, I think I pushed myself pretty good. I also had a great breakthrough the Saturday that I forgot to mention: You know those quad stretches (like the one in the picture)? Well until very recently, the only way I could do this stretch was to use the opposite arm. In other words, when stretching the right quad, I'd have to use my left hand because I couldn't reach with the right. I'm sure exactly WHY, I mean it could be because my leg wouldn't come up high enough (due to the size of my legs) or it could be that I was too wide and my arm couldn't reach down far enough (around me). But whatever the reason I couldn't do it before... I CAN DO IT NOW! and without holding on to anything too!!

So here is today's run. I've also included the elevation of my runs (in general). This route goes from my house down the entire length of the park walking trail. It's an out and back route. Right now I don't go all the way to the end but the middle of the route is generally flat- it's the hill that I go up and down at the beginning and end I wanted you to see :)
Week 2: Day 2-

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I love projects

I've added like 3 posts in the last 2 days. Make sure you check them all out!

Early Morning Run - technically posted on Saturday, but it's all about Friday 8/1/08
Wake Up Call - Saturday 8/2/08 8:27 pm
Newest Helper - Saturday 8/2/08 10:24 pm

OK so in my last post I mentioned going to a baby shower and that I had some projects to work on. Well... 3 hours later and I'm finally done. I had one minor glitch but overall I can't wait for them to open the presents! I doubt either the mom-to-be or dad-to-be will read this before the shower, so I'll spill all for you to see.

Some background on the Mom and Dad... That's them. Chris and I are cousins. My dad and his mom are actually twins. Anyway, we have an Irish heritage (see our Family Reunion Site) and I'm so incredibly jealous but My Aunt, Uncle, Chris and Missy went to Ireland in May. In fact, the name they chose for their new daughter is inspired by the Irish performer on American Idol, Carly. So I wanted to give them something Irish-like. My original idea was to make her (the baby) a t-shirt that said "My parents went to Ireland and all I got was this T-shirt" Except, the t-shirt wouldn't be from Ireland and the baby went too! So I decided instead to find some other Irish goodies. I found a pair of booties that have shamrocks on them (I don't have a pic of those). I also found a great Irish blessing for new babies and I designed a page and printed it (I got to see the nursery today - so I made it to match) . Here's what the framed image looks like (click to see it bigger) the frame is actually pewter in color.

I also decided to personalize a onesie to match the personality of this family. Actually I personalized 3 of them. I'll tell you about the other two in a minute. Here's the Irish one: It says "Irish Princess"

As I mentioned earlier, I got to see the nursery today and they picked a good one. Lady Bugs by Kidsline. It's great, they won't have to update the room until little Carly is at least 8 or 9. I decided to be cute and I designed the other two onesies to match the room. Below I have included a general picture of the Lady Bug line from Kidsline and then a close up of the images I made and the final onesies.
This is NOT my cousin's room. This was a pic I found on the web. They painted the bottom half of the room about that same green, they have the border cutting across. They do have the dark wood furniture though. It's kinda hard to see the ladybugs, so here are the close-ups of the images I used on the shirts. You can see all the Kidsline accessories at their website.

OK I'm done now. I'm going bed.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Newest Helper

I've also recently remembered something that always helped me before... chewing sugar free gum. I've been trying to utilize that more often. Here's my new fave:

And while I'm adding pictures, here's a few from my Dad's retirement party. The first one is all the cousins. (Yes, Missy is 8+ months pregnant! - in fact her baby shower is tomorrow - I'll post pics of the cute things I'm making her) The boys are actually my cousins - the girls are wives and fiancees. Anyway the other one is our whole family (minus a few- long family story-I'll explain another day) My parents are the ones in yellow. I don't think they planned it :)

The Cousins
The Whole Family

Wake Up Call

First of all.. before I start rambling- I started week 2 today.

I need to change a few songs in my playlist, they were a bit slow- even for walking. Week 2 has me warming up for 8 minutes, then run 4 min, walk 2, run 2, walk 2, run 4, cool down(walk) 8. So I did actually run for 1/3 of the time! 10 whole minutes.

So now down to business of the many revelations coming to me in the last 24 hours.

1) Cute Boys Men
This week I have encountered 3 cute guys (well more than that I'm sure, but 3 with whom I became familiar or know) This acted as a reminder to me that I am a girl woman who wants to fall in love, etc. I know- more than anyone- that you can't lose weight for anyone but yourself. But I also know that the type of guy I want to fall for, deserves more than what I can offer right now. I've come to this conclusion over a lot of thought and reasoning. I've long thought the guys I liked were always just "out of my league" however, I haven't been doing a good job (over the years) on my end. I've realized that I only see them as out of my league because I don't think highly enough of myself. (physically- believe me- I know the rest of me is well above average :) hee hee. ) I want to be the kind of girl woman that attracts men, and I want to FEEL that I do.
I don't want to get into specific details about who these guys are - you never know if they read this or not. I will say one I met at a bar, and the two others are from the golf course.

2) Bridal Shower
Ok this kinda matches with the above comments. But it was a family gathering and well, I didn't get any compliments. Which is ok, since I hated the ones I was given last week. People are commenting that I lost more weight, or asking me how much more I've lost, and truthfully- I'm up. Today I was around 211. I'm HOPING some of this is because I've been running more, and such - perhaps I'm building some muscle up and soon it will start shedding again.

3) Clothes Shopping
Ugh. I was at WalMart today and was trying on some pants, getting ready to go back to school. And nothing was fitting correctly. I didn't like the sizes that I would be required to purchase, so I gave up shopping. However, it reminded me of what my end goal is, and what I need to do to get there. While I was at Walmart, I did a little grocery shopping and picked up some good turkey, yogurt, cereal, supplies for english muffin pizzas, brown rice, and some low sugar jelly. I also stopped at Subway for dinner. (no cookies!)

4) Arrival of Purchase
As I was heading out to my run, I received a package. It's my official Human Race Shirt with my own Bib number on it. It's really cool- and looks kinda small (see comments #3). However, I now have it hanging prominently so the next time that I feel like brushing off a run, I will see that I have a deadline - August 31. I want to be decent at a 5k by then (even though the race is a 10k).

5) My birthday is coming up
Ok not really THAT close, it's in October. However, I know where I'd like to be by then. I know who I want to BE by then. And I think I have time to make significant progress to get there.

So what am I doing about all this?
Well I'm back on track, I'm consciously choosing my foods, I making sure I work out more often.
I have some deadlines to work toward - look forward to:

August 22 - report back to school (2 weeks 6 days)
August 25- first day of school (3 weeks 2 days)
August 31 - Human Race 10K (4 weeks)
September 27- Cousin's Wedding (almost 8 weeks)
October 2- NKOTB Concert (9 weeks)
October 11- My 30th Birthday (10 weeks)

If I could lose 2lbs a week, I could be down to about 190 by my birthday.

Then a few further down the road:
New Years :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Early Morning Run

I was feeling enthusiastic - or more likely I convinced myself I would like the way I felt after I ran, so I set my alarm and got up at 6:00. (I had to be at the golf course at 8, so I had just enough time for my 30 minute run). I have to admit that it didn't feel as "great" as the last one, but I did it, I survived and was glad I did!

This morning's run: (the big dip is where I stopped for water at the water fountain)

On my way out of the park on my way home I thought I saw a dog coming toward me across a lawn, before my brain properly registered it, I saw an even bigger one taking a few steps toward me. It was then I realized it was a doe and her fawn (a cute one too, with her white dots) I slowly moved to the other side of the road and the deer quietly went back to their grazing, although the mom kept checking on me as I went by. :)

At the course today I worked an outting, one that Kelly Pavlik sponsored actually that benefits the Akron Children's Hospital. There were over 150 people golfing. It was a nice day. I was a bit tired by the time I got to my evening league, so I rode (not to mention we were playing the back nine which is WAY too hilly - although I'm sure Michelle would laugh at "my hills" compared to hers.
I had a good night. (see tomorrow's posts for more reasons why).

Golf Results


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