Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jingle Bell Run 5K

Hi. Well, where do I begin. I let this school year dominate me .... again. GRRR. But, not anymore. I'm done letting school control my life. I've ballooned back up in weight, I'm back to 220!! I'm fed up, I'm frustrated, and I'm making changes.
This past week I rearranged my living space to accommodate my exercise equipment, as well as a HUGE dry erase board to track my progress. I got two Biggest Loser Calendars to keep me inspired, and added the "Total Gym" to my exercise stuff. (Mine didn't come with the hot guy though :( lol.)I've also purchased a new Wii game -- a workout "game" where Jillian Michael's is my trainer. The first time I played it had a few glitches, but I'll try again. I've also decided to start tracking my food better again. I also joined the Biggest Loser Club Online.

So... I've been at best inconsistent on my exercise. The last run (aside from the race) was mid November, I worked out at the gym right before Thanksgiving. Then I let family issues (my Aunt passed away, my cousin's husband has been in Intensive care since mid Decemeber -- after having bypass surgery) and my being sick for 2 weeks (I did finally go to the doctor) get the best of me. As race day approached, I debated whether or not to run. The friends who were supposed to run with me had to work, the weather was looking frightful, and well, I was OUT OF SHAPE and not at all prepared to run. (I had, at least, bought some winter running gear.) But I decided- I said I was going to run in that race... so golly, I was gonna do it. Even if I came in last- at least I kept my word.

Race Day-
Brrr. It snowed overnight the night before, there was about 2 inches of snow on the ground, the temperature was in the low 20s at race time, with very strong wind gusts. I'm sure the windchill was in the single digits. According to the final race results, over 300 people came out to run. I was amazed by the prizes and refreshments they had - Panera Bread Bagels, Dunkin Donuts, Cookie Trays, Pizza, plus the usual oranges, bananas, protein bars, gatorade, etc.
I let my lack of practice, and lack of knowledge of myself influence how warmly I dressed. I had my outfit chosen but when I got there I decided I was still way too cold and left my coat on too -- BIG MISTAKE. I was way too hot. I ended up taking off my gloves, putting my hoods down, and even unzipping my coat (which was UNDER my sweatshirt). I also realized my cardio level was much lower than I thought. My legs didn't bother me at all - during the race -- they are sore now! But my cardio, and breathing the cold air, slowed me down - as did the snow/ice covered route. I ran when I could, but found myself walking to keep from falling. I showed up. I competed. I finished. That's what counts. Next year will be better.

After the finish:

Golf Results


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