Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting it right...

Today I had a good workout... but was on a different elliptical and my quad was hurting pretty bad. I think because it was a different "ramp" angle. I didn't push quite as hard as usual. And of course tonight was my splurge night - which means I will be kicking my own butt tomorrow morning.

I'm in Columbus, at a conference and trying to eat as well as I can, and workout as much as possible (according to my usual schedule). I've even brought my scale with me!! I need to see those numbers.

Since I will be getting up extra early, I'm going to go read my book and call it a night. The game will keep me company - the commercials leave much to be desired. Although I did like the "Go Fetch" budweiser one, and the one with the Potato Heads.

Have a good week!


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