Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I need routine

Maybe I'm a little OCD, (actually I've always thought I had a few OCD tendancies) but MAN do I miss my regular routine. I'm content eating the same thing, at the same time, day after day. I like predictability. (but at the same time I also like spontanaity - I'm weird)

I'm here in Columbus at a conference. I accidentally booked the wrong hotel, so I have no fridge or microwave, which changes my food plan.

Yesterday I did ok food wise but exercise was tough. I tried 3 machines before settling on the recumbant bike. My stomach was... kinda crampy and legs were just dragging, overall I was only able to go about 20 minutes. (By the end of the day though, I did come in with over an hour of at least moderate activity) I also realized I really really did not like the water at the hotel. It's great for brushing my teeth, but offered no comfort while working out.

Because of my being out of townness... and my stomach acting up (I'm thinking it was the effects of my pizza Sunday night) I decided to allow myself an extra day before my weigh in. So my official "Tuesday" weigh in will be "Wednesday" this week.

Last night I stayed up late reading my book and so my morning workout didn't happen - my stomach was still bothering me last night, so I decided to sleep in (till 7am) and do my workout this evening. On my way back to the hotel tonight, I stopped at Kroger and bought some bottled water - that in itself gave me some extra motivation to workout. Plus I wore my Great Big Sea gear all day to help remind me of what's at stake (besides my life, health, etc).

Anyway, so I decided to try the treadmill, and used a makeshift playlist (my GBS one) I felt much better than recent treadmill workouts. I'm guessing that it had to do with being more relaxed (by myself) and maybe the speeds are different on these treadmills. However I did notice that I kept getting statically shocked! I was watching Biggest Loser as I was running and when I ended my workout, I forgot to end my Nike+ workout, so my graphic will probably look weird. I won't be able to upload it until I get home, I use my other computer for that.

Well, I have some homework to attend to, and then to sleep. I can't wait to get to the Gym Thursday morning and hop on the elliptical. I miss it. :)


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